Where to find 78 rpm

I try to find 78 rpm records each time I visit a new place, but the lack of information makes it sometimes difficult, so I decided to create a list and a dynamic map of shops and markets worldwide. You can check it here.


10 thoughts on “Where to find 78 rpm records : a new section on the blog

  1. thank for share your 78s, in sao paulo you can find shellacs at benedicto calixto square, theres a antique fair there ,a couple of years ago i found some interesting records there.
    if you travel to peru, i recommend in lima the quilca maeket (lots of huayno music from the smith label), mexico got the lagunilla market with lot of people selling 78s at the distrito federal
    im from chile if you go here you must go to the bio bio flea market in santiago
    still in south america these records are cheap
    i invite you to hear the podcast of my radio show spinning at 78 rpm:


    this year im going to berlin and your map gonna be helpful

    greetings from valparaiso, chile

    1. Thanks a lot !!! I will add all these places to my list, that’s great, there were not so many South-American stores until now ! Glad to hear that this will be useful when you’ll be in Berlin. I will listen to your radio show. Cheers, greetings from Paris !

  2. Sweden. No store in the ordinary sense, but a deal with the 10,000 78rpm in stock. Since all records are cataloged and are searchable on the Internet, can customers not self-browse in the store. But if you give notice of their arrival in advance and order up the records you want to watch, you can visit the store and have a look at the records. The shop is located in Vaxholm, Stockholm archipelago few mil outside of Stockholm City.
    http://www.vaxrecords.nu – The lists you find in “Old Records” on the homepage

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