A Phonograph for the propaganda…

... of the "Masters of red terror in Russia" - a picture taken from French newspaper L'Excelsior dated June 5th, 1920. Source: http://c.bnf.fr/gAM I found it with GallicaPix, a new tool that uses artificial intelligence and Optical Character Recognition to find pictures in the digitized collections of Gallica. http://c.bnf.fr/gxS [IN FRENCH]


Recording Navajo Indians on wax cylinders (1913)

Canadian American composer, singer and music professor Geoffrey O'Hara (1882-1967) recording Navajo Indians on wax cylinders. Illustrations taken from French newspaper Le Petit Journal dated May 25th, 1913. Source: Gallica. The recordings can be heard on the website of Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library (Yale University). 

Along the boulevard des Italiens in Paris

In Belle Epoque Paris, the showrooms of the main talking machines brands (Gramophone, Pathé, Columbia, Odeon, APGA) were located boulevard des Italiens. Here is a 1899 drawing of Pathé Salon du Phonographe (1899-1913) located at number 26. See the Salon du Phonographe in Disquaires de Paris. Source: Bulletin phonographique et cinématographique, november 1899 - Gallica. … Continue reading Along the boulevard des Italiens in Paris

When Gallica’s pictures come to life

The website I've been working on for a few months has just been launched today. It's called Gallica Studio and it aims at encouraging and showcasing creative or innovative uses of the digital library Gallica's contents. The following video was made for the occasion by the French motion designer Julien Schickel. It shows a 1902 … Continue reading When Gallica’s pictures come to life

Some rare recordings of Auvergne folk music on Le Soleil label

I've been collecting folk music from Auvergne for several years but it's the first time I manage to find some of the early vertical-cut records on Martin Cayla's label Le Soleil. Those are much more difficult to find than the lateral-cut ones. These ones belonged to a native from Cantal who moved to Paris in … Continue reading Some rare recordings of Auvergne folk music on Le Soleil label