Ivo Robić – Tajna (1952)
Ivo Robić – Tajna (1952)

Aktivista, who is the author of the blog Sa Starog Gramofona, asked me this morning (see his comment here) to post the other side of Ivo Robić’s record. Here it is ! This one is called “Tajna” and is much more jazzy than yesterday’s song Domino. Don’t hesitate to post comments if you have additional information about Ivo Robić or music from former Yugoslavia.

Update : Tajna is actually a cover of “Too young“, performed by Nat King Cole in 1951. Many thanks to Stevicam for his comment !


8 thoughts on “Ivo Robić – Tajna, a cover of Nat King Cole, on 78 rpm record

  1. I really like this recording, which I had not heard before I just listened to it here. I do not know if these lyrics are similar to those of “Too Young,” or if they are totally different, but I have never heard this song performed in any way other than as a ballad. Thank you for posting this and the other recordings. This is a very interesting site.

  2. Just wanted to thank you for the two Robić songs. I’d been looking for Domino everywhere! And I’d never heard this one before, though I’m familiar with the Nat King Cole original.

    As for the lyrics, they’re different from the original. “Tajna” means secret, and the lyrics aren’t about age, but about a secret romance. Not secret in an angsty or sad way though, it’s more about the excitement of a new romance.

    Again, thank you so much for the songs! Lots of love from Croatia.

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