Ivo Robić - Domino
Ivo Robić – Domino

I bought this record in 2007 in Ljubljana, capital city of Slovenia. Domino is a French song, originally performed in 1950 by André Claveau (lyrics by Jacques Plante and music by Louis Ferrari). This version is a cover of 1952 by Croatian singer and songwriter Ivo Robić. The record was released on Jugoton, the main label of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

Ivo Robić
Ivo Robić

Ivo Robić is one of the only Yugoslavian singers who pursued a international career. He became famous with his song Morgen, performed in German, which was a big success in the United States.


I like this kind of melancholic waltz, and according to me, the voice of Ivo Robić makes this cover more interesting than the French original version.


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