Dites 78 !

Luc Frelon, radio host of a show called "Dites 33 !" on French radio FIP, invited me to talk about my collection and play a few records for a special "Dites 78 !". You can listen to the show here => https://www.fip.fr/emissions/dites-33-sur-fip/2015/special-dites-78-jalal-aro-thomas-henry-04-24-2015-21-00


Discovering the lost record stores of Paris

As a collector of 78rpm records, I often come across visual evidences of the activity of now disappeared record stores: illustrated sleeves, stickers, stamps, advertisements, postcards. That’s how I discovered that there used to be a lot of record stores all around Paris and had the idea of Disquaires de Paris. I wanted to provide … Continue reading Discovering the lost record stores of Paris