As a collector of 78rpm records, I often come across visual evidences of the activity of now disappeared record stores: illustrated sleeves, stickers, stamps, advertisements, postcards. That’s how I discovered that there used to be a lot of record stores all around Paris and had the idea of Disquaires de Paris. I wanted to provide data and visual documents to researchers and people interested in the history of records industry. I also wanted to pay a tribute to these disappeared stores.


Disquaires de Paris aims at listing, on an interactive map, every records and phonographic cylinders sellers that existed in Paris since the late 19th century. For each store, the website provides one of the visual elements I mentioned before, as well as opening and closing dates. Using a timeline, you can choose to display stores in a specific time period. This first version of the site focuses on the first decades of the recorded sound history but the next update will include contemporary stores. The website was developed by Paris-based agency Douny.


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