Zé e Zilda - Olha o côco Sinhá
Zé e Zilda – Olha o côco Sinhá

I bought this record a few days ago in a very nice place called “La Phonogalerie“, a huge shop devoted to phonographs and 78 rpm records located in the north of Paris, near Montmartre.

I found a few Brazilian records there, mostly samba songs of the early 50’s. My favourite one, “Olha o côco Sinhá” (Odeon Brazil), was performed in 1953 by Zé e Zilda, a duo composed of Zé da Zilda (José Gonçalves) and his wife Zilda do Zé (Zilda Gonçalves). I didn’t find much information about them in English, except this biography of Zé da Zilda on Allmusic.com. Portuguese-reading people can find more details in this online encyclopedia devoted to Brazilian popular music.

Zé e Zilda
Zé e Zilda

Zé e Zilda became famous in particular with their show on Cruzeiro do Sul Radio in the late 30’s. From 1943 to 1954, they have published 36 records on Victor, Continental and Odeon labels.


7 thoughts on “Zé e Zilda – Olha o côco Sinhá (Samba) on 78 rpm record

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  2. Ha! la phonogalerie… ! Best turntables’ shop in Paris ! The song is really great, love it.

    PS. The blog’s a really, really nice idea, congratulations.

    Keep sharing your rarities with us.

      1. oh you’re a funny “tommy” boy! Of course you know me!
        Congratulations again on the blog, now you’ve recognized me, it’s great and beautiful.

  3. Theres a persecut site from brazilian guys named sombarato, theres a lot of old good stuff about braziliam music. If you dont know, try search “sombarato” []s 😉

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