Zhou Xuan (周璇) - The flower on my chest (襟上一朵花)
Zhou Xuan (周璇) – The flower on my chest (襟上一朵花)

I bought this 78 rpm record in 2008 in the antique market of Chengdu, in China. This sweet jazzy stuff was performed in the early 40’s by famous Chinese actress and singer Zhou Xuan (more information here), who was one of the most popular artist in the last years of the pre-communist era in China. The record was published by Pathé – China (百代唱片).

Zhou Xuan (周璇)
Zhou Xuan (周璇)

I like this mix of western instruments and a typical Chinese voice, a style which was especially popular in western-influenced Shanghai at that time.


14 thoughts on “Zhou Xuan (周璇) – The flower on my chest (襟上一朵花) on 78 rpm record

  1. Thanks for the song and for visiting my blog. Like-minded enthusiasts like us must share what knowledge we have with the world.

    Do keep in touch and let me know of future discoveries in the 78rpm world.

    1. Hi
      What a lovely Music played by this littel lovely lady that I adored for many years…
      I Do think that Artistic atricle could last forever, And I do feel glad that there is people like you trying to promote this good music to other people. When you come by HK, show up and I will buy you a Cup of tea and share the life experience on Music!!
      HK Snob

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