A new 78s mix for 716lavie.com, this one is made of guitar, ukulele and cavaquinho records (solo or accompaniment) from my collection. It features 14 tracks from Spain, Congo, Vietnam, Brazil, Guadeloupe, Zambia, Tahiti, Portugal, Japan.. Big thanks to Guillaume Le Roux from 716 La Vie and to JiHoon Suk who translated the title of the Japanese song.


1. Angel Iglesia : Arabesque (Spain)
2. Orchestre Pollo Malahel : Gros Sous (Guadeloupe)
3. Ngọc Bảo : Cô Tú (Vietnam)
4. Martha Badibala et Wendo : Martha ake kotoka mai (Congo)
5. Waldyr Azevedo e seu conjunto : Delicado (Brazil)
6. Dick Elgg and his Tahitians : Oea-Oea (Indonesia/Netherlands)
7. Alick Nkhata and Shadrack Soko : Fosta Kayi (Zambia)
8. Wendo et le Groupe rythmique Ngoma : Safari ya Roi Baudoin (Congo)
9. Maria Silva : Fado dos dois tons (Portugal)
10. Matsudaira Akira : Katasenami (Japan)
11. Ricardo Blasco : Caña y soleares (Spain)
12. Niña de los Peines y Melchor de Marchena : Soleá (Spain)
13. Nono : Hivinao Paoa (Tahiti, recorded by Adolphe Sylvain and Marc Darnois)
14. Atahualpa Yupanqui : Baguala (Argentina)

Label scans:

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