When Habiba Messika was singing in Nice

A portrait of Tunisian singer Habiba Messika on the cover of Nice-based magazine "L'Éclaireur du dimanche" in 1929, one year before she was tragically murdered by her former lover. Messika was singing in an oriental cabaret in Nice called "L'Oriental" at that time. Source: L'Éclaireur du dimanche, February 3rd, 1929 - Gallica. Her voice can be … Continue reading When Habiba Messika was singing in Nice


Gorgeous illustrations from the 1930’s issues of French Vogue

In the early 1930's, the French edition of Vogue included a column on newly published records featuring great illustrations by Swiss and French artists Herbert Libiszewski, aka Libis (1897-1985) and Raymond de Lavererie (1901-1956). Here is a small selection. Source: Gallica. November 1931 - http://c.bnf.fr/fMv May 1930 - http://c.bnf.fr/fMH June 1933 - http://c.bnf.fr/fME June 1930 - … Continue reading Gorgeous illustrations from the 1930’s issues of French Vogue

A Christmas concert for the penguins…

Antarctica, Christmas 1904. French explorer Jean-Baptiste Charcot playing a cylinder of Baryton Jean Lassalle for a public of penguins. The program of this Christmas concert included "Ouvre tes yeux bleus, ma mignonne" (Jules Massenet) and "Connais-tu le pays où fleurit l'oranger?" (Ambroise Thomas). Source: Le Monde Colonial Illustré, January 1939 - Gallica.

“Sentencing saphir machines to eternal silence…”

"The Court concludes that it is urgent to forbid bad talking machines to deform the public's artistic sense and unanimously sentences saphir machines to eternal silence". Fascinating example of the commercial battle between the Gramophone Company and Pathé in France in the early 20th century! Source: Le Matin, January 26th, 1910 - Gallica.