Pathé sleeves from around the world

Here are some (unfortunately empty) 11.5" Pathé sleeves from around the world, including some examples from Morocco, Algeria, India, Siam, Cambodia, China, Russia, Hungary, Spain and Italy. What kind of records were included in these sleeves? Local music? Foreign music? I never came across any Pathé records from Cambodia so far, did they ever exist? … Continue reading Pathé sleeves from around the world


A Christmas concert for the penguins…

Antarctica, Christmas 1904. French explorer Jean-Baptiste Charcot playing a cylinder of Baryton Jean Lassalle for a public of penguins. The program of this Christmas concert included "Ouvre tes yeux bleus, ma mignonne" (Jules Massenet) and "Connais-tu le pays où fleurit l'oranger?" (Ambroise Thomas). Source: Le Monde Colonial Illustré, January 1939 - Gallica.