Klavdiya Novikova (Клавдия Михайловна Новикова) – La Cucaracha (Кукарачча)
Klavdiya Novikova (Клавдия Михайловна Новикова) – La Cucaracha (Кукарачча)

In the summer of 2007, I spent a few weeks travelling in Armenia. Finding some records there was not so easy… At the end of my journey in the capital city Yerevan, I went to the antiques market and spent two hours searching everywhere and asking and asking again if there was anyone selling records. I was finally introduced to an old man who was hanging around in the market. We could hardly communicate but I still managed to understand he was able to help me… He drove me to his place and showed me his huge collection of 78 rpm from the USSR period.

Record's sleeve
Record’s sleeve

He sold me a few records, mostly jazz and classical music, but there are also a few popular songs. My favourite one is this Russian version of the famous Spanish folk song La Cucaracha. I cannot understand any Russian, but I found useful  informations on the fantastic website Russian Records. According to this page, the track was recorded in Moscow in 1938 by Klavdiya Novikova (Клавдия Михайловна Новикова) accompanied by pianist Vladimir Donato. The record was published by Noginsk Plant label (Ногинский завод).


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